Anthony DePalma, Managing Director

Anthony has over 25 years experience managing the implementation of new
technology, and in the formation and management of complex business alliances.
Anthony is the chief application designer and executive project manager of all
SureData projects. Prior to founding SureData, Anthony held the following positions:

Vice President, Realty Developed and managed a 200-person
Research and Customer Care department for a major dot-com start-up.
Executive Project Manager, IBM. Developed and implemented new outsourcing
offerings that focused on the integration of web technologies to improve Customer
Relationship Management business processes.
Senior Manager, AT&T. Developed and implemented web portal strategies for
major financial institutions.
Manager, American Express. Planned the worldwide implementation of new
technology installations.
Senior Consultant, Accenture. Supervised the development of information
systems for national, international and government clients.

Anthony received a Masters in International & Political Economy from Columbia
University in 1994, where he received a teaching fellowship for Academic
Excellence. Anthony graduated First in Class from the College of Business and
Economics at the University of Delaware.