SureData's Social Mobile Media division specializes in
developing  integrated Business to Consumer
advertising and promotion platforms.

Our first mobile promotion platform, "FLYNN", gained
rapid market acceptance, with over 400 retail
establishments signing-on within the first three months of
launch. FLYNN was sold.  

SureData's design team is currently  engaged in the
development of our new
"ground-breaking" family fun
treasure-hunt application platform.
Social Mobile Media
SureData has a roster of over 400 of the most highly
skilled  technology professionals in the United States.
All of our consultants are senior level  and certified in
their area of expertise. We attract the most talented
consultants because we offer them the highest
percentage of their billable rate.  If you want a
technology consultant whose billable rate reflects
solely their skill set, and not the overhead expenses of  
a large consulting company, contact SureData.
The Bottom Line: SureData consultants outperform the
consultants of the major international consulting firms
at a far more affordable rate. If you are searching for a
technology consultant, be sure to contact  SureData
first at